What is it like to share your life with someone?

There are a handful of memories which stays with you for a lifetime, moving out of your parents house and living alone is one and that feeling gets a total new turn when you start living with someone.

Of course here living with someone infers to living with your partner rather than a roommate/friend because you picture your life with that person in a totally different way compared to a friend. You start to share responsibilities of the household together and it feels like you’re starting a new home outside of your real home where you were brought up in.

All the things initially are very rosy and you’ll love every bit of it and then slowly the differences will creep in. You’ll want to do something and your partner would want something else. In most cases you will be able to find a common ground and resolve the issues but there will be times when both of you will be poles apart.

Such situations will create a havoc in your relationship. You’ll start questioning what’s the point of being together if your mindset doesn’t match and more so, you’ll start questioning the point of your relationship.

While going through all of this you need to make sure that you’re not wanting your partner to behave in a certain way just because they’re with you. You do not own them, this is why it’s said to know the person before you commit to them. If they were a certain way before you guys got together and now just because you’re in a relationship, you cannot expect them to change suddenly.

That being said you need to keep yourself, your self respect and your ideals always high. You do not need to compromise on things which you fundamentally think are wrong. It is better to step out or take a step back and see how the circumstances play out instead of being in a unhappy relationship which just gives you guilt trips.

This balance is what one needs to maintain once they start living together and Life is all about maintaining that balance. If done rightly, you thrive in life; if not, you learn and move on!


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