When you loose touch of your previous self - The Good and The Bad

Okay this post is a realization and reflection of what I’ve been going through. To put it bluntly, I have not written anything in past couple of months. Although the dates on each post reflect reach month but that is adjusted, I have not touched the keyboard in about half a year.

And I feel I have lost touch of writing, not only does this feel like a task task, I don’t see the point altogether. Maybe I need sometime to revive my old though process but frankly I don’t want to. I am planning to quit writing, by this obviously I mean writing articles on this blog. I still believe writing as a way to vent out suppressed emotions is one of the best ways to heal and grow.

I don’t know why but since yesterday when I decided that I will stop writing, there was a sense of relief in my mind that I do not have to do all of these tasks and now I can utilize all of this time for something else.

I maybe wrong in this and if that is true, you’ll see me back here again but if not, Sayonara it is!


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