One Year Epilogue

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Today, I complete one exact year writing this blog, as of now I've just been writing non-fiction basically about life and my experiences. My intention behind writing was to get and escape from the real world, gain clarity, document my journey and possibly help others. This is not my first blog though, I did start two other blogs in my first year of college but was not consistent hence, I discontinued it. I started college with the idea of personal development and it has been two years since then and, what I've come to realize is that it's full of crap. Just think about it, how can you measure personal development? Take your time. Make sure that you're actually measuring it instead of thinking that you're measuring it. You may feel better and get a sense of accomplishment but feeling and doing are two different things. This is when you'll think, so basically I cannot measure personal development? Yes, exactly. You cannot at least within a time frame of 3-5 years because this industry of so called personal development is based on the idea of something that you cannot measure and they trick you to buy their course/book etc and I need not mention how good you feel after completing a course/book and get a sense of accomplishment that while the other losers were busy you did something productive. NO, you didn't. You just read how to be productive, you felt good by doing so and you kept reading about it or more often you start thinking about it and once you get into that loop of overthinking, it's endless. 

So as long as you're focused and take proper action towards your goal, don't bother about this industry. You're good to go and while doing this when you look back at yourself in a decade or so, you can literally see what you were and what you've become by taking action. Most of us just spend most of our time overthinking and over analyzing. Trust me, simply planning won't do you any good, even if you plan everything with minute detail, life won't turn out to be that way and you may even miss out some important things in between. So, it's actually better to not have a plan if you overthink a lot, just know what your goals are, manage your finances well and take action; that is how you enjoy life. 

Ever thought of this? We tend to have an opinion on everything without even thinking whether we're actually eligible to have any! But the same time if someone judges or criticizes us, we question their qualifications. The human race hahaha. The entire human race has become such that we cheat others for our benefit, considering what our ancestors were, isn't it pathetic how we've become? I wholeheartedly believe love and humanity is enough and there is nothing more necessary. By this, I just remembered something, hardly anyone is content being limited. Everyone is after something in their life. I agree there's nothing wrong in wanting more, but in that process don't we usually forget to live in the present and enjoy it. How long have you been happy after achieving what you wanted? 1 week? Or 2? I bet it's not more than a month. 

We've all been raised up in a way that we can be anything in the world which I completely disagree. It should have rather been, Become all you can be and there's a subtle difference between the two. You need to ponder over it for a while to realize. Reverting back to the point of not being satisfied with not knowing everything or in other words our inquisitiveness; answer a few questions for me, will you? 
1. Does God (in any religion) exist? Have you experienced it? Prove it to me. 
2. Is there something called soul? Demonstrate it to me.
3. Every deity in any religion has done something great for mankind and that is why we've given them a higher place in life. Considering the world right now, a bigger problem than poverty in the coming years is gonna be overpopulation, so as per the above definition, Elon Musk is the new god?
4. Why does poverty exist? Why is there negativity? Why does one commit crime? 
5. How did emotions come into picture? When everything these days can be decoded in scientific terms, why does love feel inexplicable?
Good luck!

Ultimately, what I can infer is that, find a way to make a living, and do the things you love. The best scenario would be making a living doing things you love. Before jumping to conclusions, understand. You may love helping the society so being an entrepreneur is included above. But then again, not everyone can do that hence the first line, find a way to make a living and then do what you love. Period.

This marks the end of documenting my personal development journey and I won't be strictly writing about this anymore. The theme of the blog hasn't changed much though, this is still an escape from the real world. So I'll be writing stories, shayari, maybe some songs or poems, but let's start with stories.

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