When procrastination leads to Failure

All of us have been guilty of procrastination more than once in our lives. This article is not the regular talk on how to beat procrastination and succeed in life. We talk about failure in this one.

See the thing is, procrastination is easy; so damn easy. All you have to do is convince yourself that there’s time and you’ll cover up tomorrow and Humans, what do I say. We are masters at self deception. Ever had a dilemma choosing between two equally compelling options? Then you weigh out the pros and cons of each and make a rational choice, but it turns out the one you didn’t choose was in your fate and now you quickly adjust the pros and cons to your favor so that you don’t feel you lost and whatever happened, happened for the best. This happens all the time.

Credits: Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

But the real problem is something else. It’s the first law of motion, regarding inertia. The regular running away from facing the reality becomes a habit, and a very strong one. Its no less than someone who’s a drug/social media addict. Each time when the opportunity comes to act upon it, your gut since it would have formed a habit by now will directly default to escape.

The mind works on protecting the body from difficult situations and the fact that you’ve fled the playground several times and still survived without any major issue becomes a reassuring thing for the gut, that the urge which it creates to flee is the right thing to do.

I am pretty sure you’re aware of these things and you want to break out those heavy chains of procrastination but you’re not able to do it. What was the first law of motion again? “A body at rest persists in its state of rest, and a body in motion remains in constant motion along a straight line unless acted upon by an external force.” What is your external force? This article? No way, you’ve read & watched other stuff too; it didn’t work out. You, yourself? Nope, you’re pretty much a useless piece of shit and you know that. So what is your external force gonna be? Well here’s the thing, there is no external force for us. If I tell you it’s self discipline you’re gonna close this article and continue with your laziness. So, I do not have an answer.

Matter of fact, this post itself took me multiple attempts of overcoming procrastination to complete.

A few minor failures and set downs don’t bother you at first. You have high self esteem and you assure yourself that if you just work a little hard next time you’ll make it. The fact is you’ve never made it till now, and the minor instances you’ve made it, is probably that you got lucky.

So here you are, a miserable lazy creature who has zero sense of responsibility. You feel guilty now but wait, here comes life. It smashes your head with back to back set downs and failures and that too big ones. This is what life does, hits you hard when you’re at rock bottom and don’t think that you have no where down to go thereafter, so you’ll bounce back; that’s just motivational garbage. Most people stay at the rock bottom, they start to find solace over there. The pain becomes comforting now and the self esteem you had back then? Well that has become a lost friend from childhood and you live life in mediocrity or I might say, even below mediocrity.

All of this what for? A few moments of temporary pleasure (sleep/any fun activity you do) ? Remember those initial days where you had the choice of working hard v/s escaping it? It was insignificant for a couple of times, it became a habit eventually, and now it’s a handcuff you’ve tied yourself to which you’re unable to break. If you see a spider making it’s web you’ll see it fails multiple times but it’s persistence doesn’t break, you’ll find it extremely motivating. You’re also like that spider but let me also tell you that it’s the same spider who dies, when it gets caught/tangled up in it’s own web. So will you if you’re stuck in the vicious cycle of procrastination.

Do you really wanna be a failure in life? Think about it!


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