A Story on being Alone

Trishneet shifted to Mars after having a bad breakup to live in solitude. Although Mars wasn’t really different from Earth, the population over there was significantly less which made it very peaceful. He wasn’t particularly hurt, he was just a little sad that a companion who was there all the time wasn’t around anymore and her absence was felt.

If you’re not aware, this is how most men really are. Since, nature has endowed responsibilities to provide and protect; a man never wants to show his weakness.

So it would not be true to say that Trishneet wasn’t hurt, rather, he was unable to comprehend what had happened and how he should react. Still if you observed him, his social activities weren’t distinguishable from others apart from he was a little aloof.

People usually become an introvert after a heart break but these are different kind of introverts. They actually mingle into conversations fairly quickly once they’re able to connect and are not overwhelmed. They usually try to make people laugh as a defence mechanism to show that they’re very cheerful in nature but once they get back to their nest, they realize that they have no one to talk to, no one to share their feelings with and they feel that they’re grownups and shouldn’t bug their parents with all these trivial stuff.

Photo by Darius Bashar on Unsplash

This is why Trishneet shifted to Mars and wanted to take charge of his life by becoming independent. It was as if he started a new life in Mars. He started exploring things he was interested in, made some new friends along the way. He started to feel the child hidden in himself; smallest of things like playing badminton with friends, going for a ride in bicycle or even observing the inner structure of a leaf, walking up a viewpoint of the city gave him ecstasy. He was rejuvenated. At times, he even wondered where was all of this when he was with his partner. He started to question, if he was to choose a companion for life, should he be able to share these experiences with her without any fear of judgement or pressure of delivering up to her expectations and keeping her happy!

Humans are masters at complicating their own lives even when things are so basic and simple. No wonder it is said that, Humans build a jail for themselves and live inside them.

A story of being alone instinctively gives an impression that it’ll be sad and full of struggle but sometimes it’s a recharge to your soul. Are you also tired of living in Earth? Why don’t you try out Mars!


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