The boon of writing: A way out of loneliness

Writing has to be one of the most underrated skills. It is profoundly useful in almost everything because writing teaches you how to think. Almost any teen curious about life could be called a philosopher but his thought process is scattered all over the place and he tries to portray himself as someone worthy which he’s not. When you try to jot down your thoughts your pace of thinking slows down giving you control on how to think, while before you were in a over speeding vehicle.

If you can think, speak and write you’re absolutely deadly.

-Jordan Peterson

Being your own friend

Social beings need to be expressive, more so when you’re human. We have evolved as a tribal species living in groups like lions and monkeys unlike tigers; but the modern world has made it inevitable that we live like a tiger. Everyone has social media and countless friends but no one to really talk to. The amount of loneliness we feel in this 21st century is just staggering especially in the young generation.

This is where writing can help immensely and I can personally vouch for this. I started writing as a way of venting out and to this day, writing has to be one of the best things I’ve ever tried out. There is literally no comparison with any other alternative. This is because once you get in the flow, writing becomes like talking to oneself and once we start talking to ourselves we don’t really need someone else. There is no longer a dependence on anyone to listen to us or a need for external validation to feel good. You just start to enjoy yourself but it’s not easy, it will take some time getting used to and more importantly, you’ll probably cry/crib a lot about your life until you start feeling good talking to yourself wherein now you’ll talk about stuff that intrigues you.

Once a person learns how to live all on his own (independently) he becomes attractive automatically.

Being your own critique

Now that you’ve started to talk to yourself and even started writing it becomes easy to assess yourself. Just as important it is to write; it is equally important to grow as you write. So, you either need people to tell you what blunders you made which is rare because everyone pretends to be nice to each other even if they do not want to be; therefore the only option you have is to examine yourself and find the faults rather things you’d want to work on and develop.

Say you were thinking about human society and you noticed that you believe only love marriages should exists which is what the society has conditioned us to believe through books and movies. But, if you look at the failure rate of love marriages it’s over 50%, does that make any sense when you chose the one for yourself? Now, if you’re someone who simply wants to have a stable marriage till you die, you’re more likely to succeed at an arranged marriage. This goes totally against the modern conventional wisdom but if you find it to make sense, it means that it does. You need not comply with everybody, because if you do, you’ll become like them, multiple broken marriages in the name of love.

This goes without saying that, I am not against love marriages but that should also be a choice. In today’s day and age you stick out like a sore thumb if you opt for an arranged marriage and don’t really think love marriages work.

Contemplation of things like these make your opinion strong and you start to develop a personality because of it.

Being a better version of yourself

Once you start to develop a personality, you start to stand out from the crowd. You’re no longer some random douche bag who is one among the group with no concrete identity of his own. You have the courage to live life independently, if needed leave the group as well and still people will recognize you because of the personality traits and qualities you’d have developed as you critiqued yourself.

Although even after this you’ll have major setbacks because that’s a part of life but, this time around you’ll have your journey to back you up. From someone who was lonely and aimless with minimal social interaction with friends and family to someone who has overcome loneliness by making friends with oneself, someone who has found his purpose or at least carved a way out of procrastination by not thinking much & taking action!


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