The beauty of Spring lies in Autumn

Spring is arguably the best season on Earth. Sprouting of flowers from the buds of a plant, chirping of birds and the constant flow of cool breeze makes you feel alive and kicking. Almost everything you see is coming to life and even those trees which have shown zero signs of life are budding flowers which is so satisfying to see and the entire environment is covered with vegetation.

I feel like Spring signifies the best moments in our lives. All the victories we have had, the cheerful moments with our loved ones, all the experiences of the inexplicable wonders of nature resembles epitome of ecstasy. We feel on the top of the world during these times but sometimes during these, we fail to realize what actually got us there.

It was a result of all the hard work that you poured in before hand. When there’s a dopamine surge in our brains i.e, when we achieve something it drops our IQ by at least 50 points. We just get in the moment emotionally that we are unable to process things in a rational way and understand what all sacrifices we have done in order to get this. We’re blinded by the present and forget our roots.

The roots of that helped us make an identity, carve our own way in life.

The same applies to seasons, if it wasn’t for autumn where we see the fall of leaves, blight of flowers and basically the drying out of environment, we wouldn’t be able to appreciate the beauty of spring. There’s winter between autumn and spring which makes us adapt to the environment and somehow forget that we had a season of drought and when spring finally arrives we rejoice in nature as if it’s a miracle. Just the way when we focus on some task and zone out of everything else, sometimes even forgetting what and why did we set out to achieve this for! we fail to have a holistic view. If only autumn and spring were next to each other we would be able understand that all the goodness in life comes after a bad phase that is why when you’re going through a tough phase just keep in mind that a bright future is just around the corner.

This is why the real beauty of Spring lies in Autumn.


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