Leaving your father's home is necessary to become a man

It is always better to have a bad/weak father than to not have a father at all. The confidence a child develops simply by the mere presence of a father figure is often overlooked and also goes unobserved by the child himself. Mothers nurture a child and are all about loving the child, their primary instinct is to feed their kid and keep them safe i.e, away from trouble. A father teaches his kid view trouble as challenges because that is where growth happens.

A boy who grows up without a father figure lacks self-esteem. He doesn’t have the guts to mess with someone stronger than him even in mischief which later on makes him unable to stand for what is right in life. He can’t take a stand and stay firm at it, all of this happens unconsciously while he would think that he’s getting proper parenting and his life is good since he has a loving mother.

When you have a bad/weak father, at the very least you have his name and are not discriminated by the society and you’re able to figure out with time what you don’t want to become. That in itself is better than being clueless.

But when you have a good father, you have the courage to take risks in life since you know you have someone who will back you up. Your father will also teach you how to navigate life. He will intentionally put you in difficult situations so that you learn how to face challenges.

Then there comes a time in your late teens, once you graduate from college and enter the workforce. This when you’ll feel the child in your start to fade away rather overshadowed by the responsibilities you need to fulfill as an adult. There’s no more the freedom to not do homework today, you need to complete the tasks at your job. There’s no more watching cartoons after school and making excuses of fever for tomorrow. All the freedom and carelessness you had, has no place today. You realize that you need to work in order to provide for your family.

Above all you feel the intense separation from your family when you’re leaving home. You know what your new way of life is gonna be like. You’re no more a kid who can keep his parents as a backbone for problems in life, you need to take charge now. The feeling itself on the day leaving your home knowing all these, is difficult to describe but it is one of those days you’ll not forget.

As hard it may be, this is one of the most vital moments in a man’s life. This is when all the lessons ans experiences taught by your father advantage you in the real world. You start to face challenges all on your own, you fall on your face make mistakes and enemies; and still persevere through all of it. You understand how the world is different what was portrayed to you and how brutally selfish almost everyone is. No one is actually your friend and no one will look out for you, you’re all on your own.

This is how your grow as a man, if you never leave your father’s home, you’ll always be in his shed and never mature as you’d be protected from the atrocities of life and never mature. Moreover, once you actually become an adult and your dad starts to grow old, this is when he also becomes a child and you’ll be endowed with the happiness of not just your children but the childish side of your parents too. This stage of life is just phenomenal.


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