The intoxicating beauty of women is dangerous

Let’s talk about women today. This is going to be a male-centric article and if you’re someone who says you’re a feminist but doesn’t really believe that equal voicing of opinions should be applicable to men as well; then kindly refrain from reading further.

Women are one of those breathtaking creations of nature that in themselves are inexplicable.

It would be foolish of me if I try to describe their beauty in words. Just look at them when they’re dressed their best or when they’re caring for someone (because to nurture, is their innate nature) and you’ll need no evidence.

The level of sophistication they have while being so innocent is so much fun to play along with. If you were to talk to a man you can mostly get to know what kind of a person he is within half an hour or so. But it’s not the same with women, they’re actually not very predictable. It may seem that they lack substance but if you bear with the initial ice breaking it is so much fun to interact with women.

Having friends is okay but you start to see the challenges when you get into a relationship. Men are fundamentally wired to protect their partner and to provide for the family. But in this day and age that is referred to as an orthodox mentality. More so because they’ve themselves become capable to provide for themselves and the state is providing them with protection via laws and the court. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not implying this is bad in any way but, the basic responsibilities of a man have been taken away and now their value has shrunk is what I am trying to emphasize.

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This has basically led to men being the disposable sex and just so that you know this has always been the case. In any emergency situation it is always children and women first, in war it’s always men who die, any work that requires grueling physical hard work where the chances that you die are high like construction workers, miners are still men. All of this still makes sense because men are more powerful physically and these jobs are manpower heavy.

But after fulfilling your responsibility you would at the very least expect to live peacefully with dignity. This is where the problem begins. If you’re a man in today’s world you are already portrayed as the villain, a patriarch and a tyrant. And just in case you have view which are not conventional and opposite to society’s you’re so doomed. More so, if you’re vocal about such opinions, be ready to face a lot of wrath from the society.

In simplest of terms what has happened today is, if you’re a man you’re supposed to bow down your head, do your job with full effort and be accepting of the fact that you’re a demon from within who is deserving of all the criticism you receive.

And now coming back to women, do not even for a second think that they’re different from the society. This is something that favors them and why will someone in their sane mind not support what elevates them and speak for what is right when is means to loose the advantage that they have.

Each and every women on this earth is aware of all of this whether knowingly or just has a feeling about it, but if any such situation arises they will not think twice before they point you out as the culprit.

Finally coming back to relationships:

You think you’re in love with a woman and you plan to spend the rest of your life with her.

You believe in tough situations you’ll stay by her side.
->Morally you should and in most cases you will.

But if you think the vice versa is also true than you’re a fool to think so. It goes down to the very core of human nature. If a man’s job is to provide and protect then a woman’s job is to find the most capable man for her child. It doesn’t matter if you love your partner like anything, if there comes a time where she has to make a choice where you’re on the low side she will not choose you.

Whether you believe it or not, the fact doesn’t change. And surprisingly most men are capable enough to understand this and even realize this. But it is the sheer beauty of women that blinds us to the reality. You start to develop feelings, start being vulnerable about your feelings to her, show her your weak sides and she comforts you, but when the time comes, she will use all of these as weapons against you.

It’s nice to fall in love, it’s great to have a family but you should always be practical about it just the way women are. Men are the more romantic of the sexes that is why it is inevitable that we tend to fall in love quicker and also be fooled by others a lot more than women.

Just keep this in your head, if you loose your source of income and go broke, you loose your woman. If your woman has the access to men who are better than you in all aspects, don’t be surprised if her interests changes. If you fail to comfort her along with your regular career, she will find other ways to get that and your relationship with her will start to shake. If she has to choose between her family and you even if you’re on the right side, she’ll most like choose them. If you come in between her friends & parties you’ll be labelled as insecure. If you try to suggest her what to do you’ll be portrayed as caging her. If you don’t take her suggestions you’ll be said that you don’t value her.

So what do you do about it? Sometimes complex questions like these have very simple (not easy) solutions. You just need to be the best version of yourself, if she looks at you she should feel like yes, this is my partner and this is the best I can do. You need to be fit physically, mentally and also available emotionally. But more importantly, also be practical about everything. All of this is so much easier said than done. Moreover, we know all of this but we start living in an illusion with our beautiful fairy princess and buy into the dream that the kind of love we do is the same kind from the women’s side. It’s not and it will never be.

This is why the intoxicating beauty of women is dangerous.


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