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What to do when just bored?

Sleep>Read>Talk to your bae>Watch the Northern Lights>Video tour of Maldives white sand beaches>Update your bucket list

I am feeling something which is inexplicable.

Now is the correct time to become a spectator instead of a doer. Just observe what you are feeling, don’t try to make meaning out of anything just observe. If not for an experience, it’ll definitely be a reasonable timepass.

Why is it that I am never happy?

It’s not like you’re never happy, it’s just that your happy moments are infrequent. Have you tried creating something instead of just consuming videos, news feed, songs, talk (being a listener) etc… Try making something, anything, stories, art, book, music, dance, a project on your coursework, talk to random people (being the speaker). Make a journal or use a notepad on your phone and note down ideas that pop up in your mind now and then and try to pursue them sometime.

Should I leave my home country in pursuit of a developed country?

Let’s get this clear first that there’s nothing wrong about moving out of your home country because if it were, all of us shouldn’t have left Africa in the first place (human life evolved there and spread across the world). Secondly, a nation is nothing but an idea bounded by physical borders. I don’t believe in living and dying for the nation because something which was man made (similar to religion) and something which you didn’t get to choose (also similar to religion) in the first place, and you’re patriotic for the same? These nations don’t even have the same land throughout history, they’ve been evaded, taken over and what not. A nation is just a concept.
This may make you curious whether the people in the army are foolish to take up such a job. Well, they’re not! This is because they’re working for the people of the country and not particularly the soil. A community is what makes a nation and I want you to take a decision keeping this in mind instead of facilities and opportunities. If you like the community you’re in right now, awesome! If you don’t, try out other communities you’ll see how welcoming they are of outsiders and whether you like it or not. If you don’t; change. Do keep in mind that no community is perfect and you’ll likely have to make some compromises which again, you get to decide.

I don’t really like the people in my caste/community, how do I change them?

You can’t. Period. It’s obvious that you don’t like the negative stuff associated with them like jealousy, back biting, hatred, defamation and stuff like that. Understand that no one is perfect; being a human everyone has flaws. Caste is prevalent in every religion, not just in Hinduism. Islam/Muslims have Shia/Sunni/Kharijite/Ibadi etc. Christians have Baptist/Episcopalian/Evangelist/Methodist/Presbyterian/Pentecostal/Charismatic/Lutheran/Anglican etc. So, there’s basically no place to run away from it.
If you say you’re an atheist and talk in terms of community, you’ll still find a particular group of people you dislike. Now, devoting your time to change them is not really worth it. Why? One, because there’s no guarantee that they will and two, your time on Earth is limited. So, enjoy your vacation here. Talk to friends who want your betterment and somehow just maintain a hi hello relationship with the ones you dislike because there’s no point in hurting others and secondly, you never know when they might be the one helping you.
The best you can probably do is, succeed and show them ways in which they can too, and together grow as a community. I know it’s easier said than done, but did you even try?


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