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Welcome, my name is Hemant Kumar Singh; but I call myself SHER. Why? It's short, bold, easy to remember and most importantly SHER means Lion which is what my instinct idolizes. 
I am a normal guy who tries his best to be different all the time. I am obsessed with standing out of the crowd. I started writing not out of passion or interest but as a way to vent out my thoughts. Of-course if you do that you’ll mostly write on days you’ve a lot to talk about which rarely happens, but with due course of time I began to write consistently (trust me, I’ve failed multiple times, even now sometimes). I am still not sure that I really like writing or the act of speaking; which is the tone in which I write my articles. Anyway, the takeaway is that I love thinking; so much so that I have had white hair since college. When people ask me about it, I tell them it’s a sign of wisdom, not everyone is so wise at such a young age. Boasting enough? Haha.

What is this blog about? Almost everything and anything, I don't abide by rules and don't like sticking to a specific topic; but you will observe most of my posts to circle around life and thoughts that revolves in one's mind. Basically, The Mind's Chatter.
This blog started as a place where I could vent out my thoughts and feelings but slowly I started writing and creating meaning of the things that I experienced. Now after writing non-fiction for more than a year, I'm transitioning to fiction. I write life stories! Here's a brief timeline of the blog:
2019-2020: Non-fiction content based on experience (excluding 2020's last post)
2021-May 2021: Mostly fiction content although sometimes I may write in terms of things happening to me, it's all fiction.
June 2021: Blog moved to another domain The Mind's Chatter.
2022: After some thought, decided to let go of blogging.
If you are interested in this blog but perplexed where to begin from, you can start from Marriages & Love.

Want a way to contact? or talk about my work?  Even constructive criticism is welcomed. Head to the contact page.


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